Diem Mundi- A free 5e setting

Here you will find all of the collected information on my free 5th edition setting. Soon, it will be better collected, perhaps into a pdf or a hyperlinked web document of some sort.

Diem Mundi: A world that might have never been.

An intruction to Diem Mundi: The Premise.

Nations of Diem Mundi: The five nations that inhabit the dark continent. (work in progress)

Races of Diem Mundi: New and established races. (work in progress)

Coming Soon:

Religions of Diem Mindi: A primer on the religions and gods, and tales of old gods.

Regional Gazetteer: A primer on the places of note and geographical landmarks of Selna.

New Rules: The aggregate for any other player options.

Liber Technicae: Essays and details on the technology levels of Diem Mundi.

Bestiari Selnanus: A collection of Selnan beasts.

Fiction and Exposition: Short stories and essays about the world of Diem Mundi. (coming soon)

Further reading: Some inspiration that might prove helpful for internalizing the setting.