Off Topic Tuesday: The Blogging Format

I’ve seen it said that long form blog posts seems to be a misuse of the medium. People don’t subscribe to blogs to get long diatribes, or at least I don’t, and it’s been my immediate experience that the longer my posts are, the less likely it is that people read them. Perhaps it’s simply the nature of writing and reading on the internet.

And it isn’t just word fatigue; blogging is probably more given to short blurbs than anything else. The realm of essays is elsewhere, in some unattainable place. And that is what I have realized**; that I wanted to write essays, and not blog posts that necessitate a condensation of my thoughts and style. I don’t always excel with condensed writing, because I am a verbose mother fucker.

On the other hand, this revelation brought me to a different conclusion, in that I can still deliver content through the blogging medium. I can expand my role playing content, speak my mind in more indirect and succinct ways, and dither on about topics that don’t call upon the passionate belly fire that fuels my need to write, which brings us to this very blog post.

So Tuesdays now are for my personal off topic rants, like this one. I won’t do one every Tuesday, just like I might skip an occasional Monday Mayhem, or Wednesday World Building***, but the format suits me, and in time I will be delighted to have a good group of tags that challenge me as a game writer while helping me to keep my offerings organized.

My hope is to keep these all under 500 words, and I think that so far it is working. I’m not writing any sweeping oeuvres of writing (yet), but this format keeps me happy at least. It also keeps me focused in a weird “writing prompt” kind of way that is probably more suited to the RPG industry. It could be worse, after all; it could be 140 characters.

*I wish that they were called blurbs and not blogs. A more apt desctiption….
**Achievement unlocked; two uses of a semicolon in one paragraph.
*** A spoiler for tomorrow’s format.