Monday Mayhem: Extreme Weather

Real World Extreme Weather

Weather tends to be an afterthought for most games. Usually, it is showcased as some feature of the terrain, such as a desert that has frequent sandstorms, or a polar region so cold that you have to be equipped for it. If these things are not in themselves self-evident, then weather is largely ignored.

And I’m not suddenly advocating that you become a meteorologist as part of your session prep, but rather that you SHOULD focus on the extremes. More extreme than polar cold, more dangerous than being caught in a sandstorm.

I recall Final Fantasy 10 having a segment in it in which you had to cross a region so beset with lightning that you could potentially get struck dozens of times while crossing it. While this may seem a bit odd, that is the kind of adventure design that sticks in the head of the player. Though I admit, the even stranger “dodge 100 lightning strikes in a row” mini game might also have contributed to its remarkability.

But I digress. Fantasy games have a special leeway in presenting extraordinary weather that may seem outlandish. If the link above is any indication, Earth has its own extraordinary weather patterns. Shoot for the moon with your weird weather!

Let’s try this…

Sentient Tornado-
On the eastern plains of Selna there exist a great number of oddities that dot the map, pronounced all the more against the otherwise featureless plains. Among those oddities is the Walking Wind, a legend of a sentient tornado that stalks the plains with some bizarre agenda. Though many dismiss the stories as superstitious nonsense, and cite the tornado seasons seen on other continents, many claim to have seen the tornado at all times of the year, moving to and fro as if by determination.

The legends claim that it chases after treasure hunters, and that it guards the opening to ancient crypts and vaults. The only definitive text on the matter is the journal of Andrew Hunt, an explorer and researcher that set out to verify the nature of the tornado. His accounts detail a strange and careful study of the alleged tornado, having observed it carefully for over two weeks. Hunt was never able to present his findings; his tattered journal was all that remains of him.

The Jhorrund, perhaps the only people that can speak of the tornado with any authority claim that it is an ancient nature spirit that has become angry, and would see its territory scoured of all humanoid life. Whatever the truth may be, the tornado (or tornadoes) continue to claim the lives of those foolish enough to enter the area.

The Walking Wind is a tornado, and an extreme weather effect that targets any biped traveling along a stretch of territory approximately 200 square miles. The tornado travels at roughly 50 miles per hour, or 250 ft per round. Anyone caught within 200 ft of the tornado is pulled up in the air, and thrown a great distance in a random direction. Assume 15d6 falling damage whenever they land.

The tornado will always throw its victims away from its territory, at times whipping victims as far as 10 miles away. Anyone that has the ability to fly, hover, glide, or slowfall is not subject to this damage, but is still thrown for the entire distance as determined by the game master. The Walking Wind is known to try and scare people from its territory, moving slowly to warn intruders before advancing menacingly.

The Walking Wind is considered to have a strength score of 50 for the purposes of pushing and moving creatures. Although it is a sentient weather hazard, it does not have hit points, and can only be temporarily dispelled by powerful weather control magics. A wish or miracle may dispel it permanently, but the tornado exists as a powerful runic curse, and as such may be subject to a specific condition that will finally quell the Walking Wind for good. Obscure legends tell that it’s rune is carved somewhere along the plains, and that dispelling that rune may be the key to quelling the strange tornado.

(Ok, that’s over 600 words, so sue me)


Monday Mayhem: The Gravity Trap!

So it looks like we are in for yet another format change. I will be experimenting with a weekday posting schedule, and one that will result in more posts of shorter length.

You’ll get the idea as the week moves along.

Firstly, I will kick off Mayhem Monday. Here is where I will post and discuss challenges that the players might face, which includes monsters, traps, skill challenges, and role playing challenges (more on that later).

This week, we explore a trap of my own devising: the gravity well. Keep in mind that at this moment, most of my material will be for the 5th edition of a certain popular game.

You start with a 20 x 20 room, and place an orb on a pedestal in the center.

Kind of like this one. Except… in a dungeon. And the orb should probably glow.

This trap is placed at the beginning of a dungeon, usually in the first room. It’s purpose is to stall any invaders, and potentially kill those who can’t outthink the trap.  As one enters, they must make a Dexterity save (DC between 10 and 15 depending on your group’s collective level). Those who fail will fall towards the orb, taking 2d6 damage from falling, and are prone (this is only important if you happen to have further hazards in your trapped room).

orb grid
For your reference.

The orb itself is the focal point of gravity, and any attempt to leave the room must deal with the consequences of the altered gravity. Those who are aware may instead make an athletics check with a DC of 10 to land safely and without damage.

This is a pretty simple trap, and more of a puzzle, and the simple grid was meant more to stall my players than anything, as they were being scryed on by the dungeon boss. Also, this setup is relatively simple, but it was meant for a group of new role players. You might find that you could use gravity traps in more elaborate ways (think Portal). It was amusing to see my players trying to move animal companions, and two large oxen (long story) through the gravity trap. The group had fun too, and I hope that you do too.

Join us tomorrow as we have Off-Topic Tuesday!