Off Topic Tuesday: Fitness

a gym
“ohhhhh… a JYM!”

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a wife that is not only keen on good food, but also good health. We bolster each other continually through many trials, and we egg each other towards better health. I think of this due to my new fitness wrist device*, and focusing on just how healthy I really am.

Now, be careful not to let this focus cause obsession; health can make you crazy just like the myriad stressors that plague our modern lives**. Let it be a guide, like a goal post, a lighthouse or a landmark. Let it be that dot on the horizon to which your body points as it strains to edge closer.

I find myself re-evaluating my health decisions now, wanting to work harder, both at the example at my amazing wife and from this strange wrist trainer that quantifies my exertion and sleep quality***.  I want to do better, as my wife has, and I will, now that I have a guide and a guideline.

I feel good about the future, and I feel excited about the prospects. I’ve been doing more exercise than I ever have, I’ve been feeling better than I ever have****, and I’m looking forward to doing even more.

I’ve heard and seen lots of examples of gamers letting themselves go, and relying on fast foods to keep them going. It’s an unfortunate statistic that seems to apply to our hobby, and I’d sooner be another voice in the choir singing the praise of a life in good health. Already I’ve seen too many people in my life suffer needlessly for the comforts of an easy greasy meal or a sedentary lifestyle.

Do yourself a favor, do your loved ones a favor, do your internal organs a favor, and work on yourself as you would work on your hobby. Give it the love and devotion that you would give your favorite pastime.

Heck, you could even treat it like a game.

*Name redacted so that this doesn’t sound like some insipid advertisement.
**I will never ridicule those who lived in the past, as they did not have digital schedulers, alarms, and days packed with arbitrary foolishness.
***I still don’t know how knowing my restlessness helps me, but somehow it feels good to know.
****Seriously, exercise and eat right, and you’ll wonder why you ever did anything else.


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