Blog of Opportunity

This post will be short, but I will not deny you of content.

I wrote a guest post for the illustrious “Sword for Hire” blog.  It is HERE

Also, I will soon be chronicaling a few of my projects, chief among them the 5th edition campaign that I will be running for my kids. It’s part of a home brew setting I’ve been quietly developing, and I will tease some of those setting details.

Furthermore, I will be posting a separate campaign setting that was part of a defuct freelancing project. The short story that I shared recently is a very succinct history of that setting. I had designs to publish it one day, but given the fact that I wrote most of it when I was a mere 20 years young and foolish, I think that it’s better to redevelop and share with the world as a writing exercise. Besides, my current home brew deserves more care and attention, but I ramble. 

I shall continue my world building series, as well as a few other design and advice article series, so rest assured that this won’t simply be a campaign blog. 

Lastly, I’m going to discontinue the practice of posting reviews, though I will still do them. The difference will be that I may mention and link them at the end of a blog post, or list the links in a separate page.

My apologize for the lack of pithy footnotes or sardonic picture commentary.*

Or do I?

*I gotta be me


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