A few reviews more: I get by with a little help from Indie Games

I’m including here a few more reviews that I have been lucky enough to make for the purposes of promoting indie publishers.

First up, Rusted Iron Games is a brand new publisher with two excellent new products for the Pathfinder RPG. Rather than rehash the reviews that I’ve already done, I’ll link you to them, and say something more succinct. Both of these products were great, and packed with small encounters, encounters, and fodder for a handful of sessions. For a dollar each, you can’t go wrong. The links are as follows. RPGNOW/DRIVETHRU reviews are forthcoming, but know that the products are available there as well.

Fearsome Foes: The Ravenous
Deadly Gardens Volume 1: Phoenix Lilly

Next up is the impressive Raging Swan Press, and GM’s Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing for Pathfinder.  Again, I’ll link you to the review, but I will say that this is a product strictly for game masters, but it is also a must have if you want to cut down on planning time for adventures. I personally plan to make extensive use of this resource, and am very happy with it.

Wilderness Dressing: Paizo Review, Amazon Review, RPG NOW review

Disclaimer: They are all the same review, but I included the links in case you had a preference on place of purchase.

To sum this up, I am quite pleased to be able to assist indie publishers as much as I am able, and get the word out about their products. Small time publishers are an important part of the gaming scene, and I can do no better than to give a hand to those that rise above the rest, as with the two publishers featured in this post.

While official product might be what draws us all into the hobby, it is easy to recognize the role that smaller projects play in fleshing out our hobby in a creative and productive way. And who knows, I may just join their ranks someday.


2 thoughts on “A few reviews more: I get by with a little help from Indie Games

  1. Russ Brown May 14, 2015 / 10:23 pm

    Thanks for the kind words Lorathorn! I posted a link here from the Rusted Iron Games Facebook page.


    • lorathorn May 15, 2015 / 1:13 am

      It is greatky appreciated. I am more than happy to review any products in the future!


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