I won’t just post a review each week (it’s not my style) edition of Elven Wizard King, or: What I’ve been up to other than reading gaming material.

I’ve been playing too. I got to play in a few sessions of Iron Gods, coming in partway through the third book to the AP path. I rolled up an android magus, and I’m having a blast playing him so far. I can link the Obsidian Portal page to the campaign if anyone has interest in reading more about that.

Because I’m so sure you want to know all about it.*

It’s the first real Pathfinder game in which I’ve played in nearly two years, and I have to say that it’s been too long. I missed the tactical number crunching, I missed the banter and character acting, and most of all, I miss the camaraderie.  I’m lucky to have a group of long time friends that are there to game, and not interested in goofing around out of context in a “Nerd Poker”esque torrent of jokes. I’ve had that before, and I don’t care for it.

And don’t misunderstand, I love joking around, just not so much that it gets in the way of gaming. But really, it’s also about a return to my roots, and the fun that I have experimenting with something new (Magus) or challenging myself to think and feel differently (Android). I always strive to do interesting things with my characters, as I can and do with my creative writing, but as a stand up comedian may tell you, it is with an audience that you receive instant feedback.

You can get laughs at a deadpan joke, or stares when you say something strange enough to make them wonder if it really came from you, or even gasps as you might even have shared something accidentally profound. It is all equally rewarding, especially as you refine your actions to get rid of the awkward immature urges to be a clown for cheap reactions. I’ve see it in new players, and I get it. I was there once too.

But I digress.

Next week will see more reviews and shout outs, perhaps a post on voice acting (finally), and more discussion on the RPG industry, because I’m such an expert.

Me: an expert at whatever “this” is.

*With apologies to http://www.booksofadam.com. Bonus points if you know the reference in the picture.


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